Publishing Anime Curations

A while ago I started publishing anime curations (ratings/recommendations).

There are sections for cartoons and videogames too, but do not contain nearly as much content. I may also add other series and movies in the future, as I watch, re-watch, or remember them.

I’ve long tracked (for the most part) my anime on AniDB. The interface may not be super simple and novice-intuitive. But it is truly a database, tracking anime, their relations, characters, ratings, fansub groups and releases, and a lot more. It also allows you to track your own watch- and owning-/having-status.

Publishing them as curations on my website allows me to more directly recommend or rate them. At the moment, I do so very short as not to spoil anything. I’ve also experimented a bit with expandable spoiler tags to varying levels of spoiling, and thought about adding more explicit, short lists with aspect-ratings (like imagery, animation, music, voicing, setting, story, pacing, …).

Given the passive nature publishing and hosting them, I sometimes think whether it is worth it. I like to categorize them and write them as notes for myself too, and it’s some good content for a website. But still. If you look over them or find them useful, I would love to hear from you.