Attack on Titan (Anime) thoughts/review

I recently watched Attack on Titan again.

I thought I had not watched the later season(s) yet, but watching it again I’m pretty sure I did.

I hated them 10/10.

Attack on Titan is a great anime in many aspects.

  • Great action sequences
  • Great character personalities; well defined and established, but may go through developments

A struggle and war with high stakes.

The more you learn about your enemies, the more difficult it may get to still see them as clear and evil enemies. How can and do you react to this shift in perception?

In war and for great change, how much of your humanity, your good personality do you have to sacrifice to be successful?

Asking about meaning of self sacrifice.

Presenting fear as a driving factor.

Presenting the difficulty of deciding between truth and how a society may react negatively or self-destructive to it, and lying to protect them.

How much is a life worth? Can you, should you, and how do you have to equate individual lives both with those that may be more important both within a group and for humanitys survival in general?

How important are individuals when contrasting them to a “greater good”?

In practice, with limited knowledge, decisions are always hard to make. Especially in high stakes situations like war and many unknowns, surprises demand quick decisions. Afterwards it’s easier to argue, claim and demand. The risk and the unknowns involved make it a gamble. Not making a hard decision can also be very costly.

There are different truths to people. Truth can be considered subjective, and it may change for the individual. Either through new information, or human connection. Some may hold on to their truth for a long time despite contrary evidence.

Those in power may use their power to secure their power and see themselves as more important, dismissing and sacrificing those without power.