Steven Universe - A Great Cartoon Series

I recently watched Steven Universe. A great cartoon series!

Steven Universe Title Card

The publishers episode order ruined the start for me though. Only after I fixed the order and dropped some obnoxious episodes according to a fan-fixed order, and then continued watching did I quickly and definitely find great enjoyment and investment in the series.

I created Steven Universe Watch Order that documents the superior watch order.

The cartoon is a mix of fantasy and science fiction, and emotional and practical growth.

Each episode is only 10 minutes, which is quite refreshing and means not much downtime. They do take downtime when it is necessary to set the mood though. So that is not a problem.

It is sometimes quite crazy, sometimes too much so, but remains charming non-the-less.

I also watched the movie, which is a cartoon musical. Although a bit crazy and foreseeable, I did enjoy this one as well.

As always for digital video content, acquiring a decent, watchable copy was a hassle. Why is it so hard to just get reasonably priced, full HD, good encoding quality content files I can own?