Damage of Releasing early

Splash Damage and Bethesda fucked up. They release Brink early. Not only by product standards and goals, but also earlier then their original release date. Probably only management could come to the conclusion releasing earlier is better. But how dangerous and damaging it is, can now be seen.

Reviews and First-Looks have been very varying. Brink had (and has) a lot of potential. But in the end, bots are dumb and ATI users are fucked; with a low-fps game on low details were even Crysis runs in HD with high quality.

What you get is customers you gave a broken and unpolished product to. Customers who feel like the publisher would not care and give out just any shit. Thus, many reviews, especially the subjective ones, are very low in rating. And no fucked-with customer will recommend the game to others.

If you hype your game, you better polish it! Or nobody can take any word from you serious any more.

In the end, I’m glad I did not buy it. My fears right before release came true. Awesome Brink footage showed it.

Now, I really hope fixes are coming and improvements are on the way. Then, and with a lower price, I will happily buy it. Even when I will still dislike the persistent leveling system with the unfair ability unlocking, which in fact I thought was not in this game before release.