Section 8: Prejudice

Had the second hung-up in campaign right now. Way to go …

The game itself is very linear in the campaign. With the jetpack and run-boost a free experience like in the multiplayer would have been awesome, but they chose to make it really linear. 🙁 Saving is via checkpoints, no free saving. As it was so utterly linear, it’s also rather uninteresting, but ok.

Their price policy is awesome. Just 13 €, so anyone can buy and play it. Awesome! That definitely is!

In the PC version you can definitely still see console. And especially annoying windows live. Why could they not integrate it to steam entirely? 🙁

Have not played the multiplayer yet. But the multiplayer of the predecessor was rather interesting, although also not superb or super fun or super interesting. But good non-the-less.

Did you hear about their “after 100.000 kills by everyone, a new game mode will be unlocked for everyone”? Hehe.