Overgrowth – Videogame with details that make it unique

The last two change-log videos of Overgrowth, for a128 and a129, show some awesome details in this upcoming video game, which updates it’s community with updates on development. Open Development.

The first one shows blood. But not just sprites on walls, but with a bloodstream from the neck flowing down the body, correctly, depending on how your character stands or lies. Secondly, the wound at the neck will produce a pulsing blood-stream shooting into the air. Again, depending on how you stand or lie, it will fly and land, and paint, at different spots.

The second video shows weapons with marked sharp-zones. This allows for the weapons to stick to wood and in the ground if, and only if, they land in a way they should stick in there. And it won’t stick in stone.

Those are awesome details that allow for playing around, for being astonished, and they greatly add to the believability of the world, and the consistency of it. And it definitely makes the game unique, in it’s detail. Details matter!