Darkspore – absolutely boring

You can play the Darkspore beta until 4th of April for free on Steam. I did. And provided so much feedback, because it’s so flawed and SO FUCKING BORING! Dunno if I ever played anything this boring before.

First off, I created a new account, because you need one. Enter email and passwort, enter key, then notice it’s and EA.com account and you can’t use your usual nick. So I thought, maybe I can cancel and use my other EA.com account. So I did cancel. Then I was not able to do anything, because even on my new account, which had the key associated, as it invalidated it (I could not use it on that nor other accounts) still asked for the key, before it allowed me to select an alias. I was able to create an alias on profile.ea.com then though, which fixed it and I could log in.

But the game itself is super boring. There seem to be 3 difficulties, only 1 useable at the beginning. You have to unlock the others.

On the first mission I used the matchmaker and thus played with 3 others. Everyone just ran through, the enemies being so easy to defeat. Even if you pause for only one moment, to read the chat, a skills description, or whatever, you’ll be way behind the others, not even seeing them on the minimap anymore. Thus, you run after them. Pretty stupid.

The second mission, I played alone. It was just as easy. In the end, I ran through each level (one mission is made up of several levels (mapparts) where you beam from one to the next) to the teleporter, killed all enemies, and beamed. Very boring.

Don’t buy it, don’t play it. It may be something for kids (maybe you want to bore them?), but nothing for a gamer. Now I’m gonna delete those gigs of data again. 🙂 (I already knew/thought it would be this way, but wanted to test it myself.)

PS: Now I have fucking 3 ea.com accounts. Come on EA, allow me to merge! (They can’t/won’t yet.)