Powercolor Support bad – ignores messages?

After an initial reply I was ignored on my second message the second time now on Powercolors support.

Contacting the support I received an answer both times from a single E-Mail address, a single person. So I do wonder how they actually handle their support. There definitely doesn’t seem to be any help-desk software or CRM system in place. Not even a ticketing system.

As long as it would work I would not mind, but I have been ignore the second time now.

Maybe he doesn’t want to go through the hassle of checking how much power the graphics card actually uses? Maybe he then tries to ignore me instead of telling me then?

The email address is from Taiwan btw. Again, not that that would matter if it would be good.

I still have my pre-boot issue with my Powercolor graphics card. I couldn’t even get information on how much power the card actually needs on bootup, idle and work.

Yes, I know that that powerful GPU may need a lot of power. But my quality power supply is SLI-capable and I can play GPU-intensive games and benchmarks just fine. Just pre-boot is the problem. FU support.