And Yet It Moves – Indie-Game or Indie-Art

And Yet It Moves was on my steam wishlist, but it was always to expensive for me buying it. I was interested in it, wanting to try it, but not so much that I wanted to invest (so much) money.

Today it was gifted to me. So here’s my impressions:

In short: **The game is art.


It didn’t quite feel like a true or at least classic game. Anyway, the game mechanics are innovative and the art style is unique. That’s why I call it art.

Controls and GamePlay is introduced absolutely atmospheric and in-place in-game. How it should be.

The art style stays authentic but has different topics in different levels, providing variety without being inconsistent.

The game is about exploration and cleverness / awareness / dexterity (don’t misunderstand exploration; it’s not an open world but gives you some freedom on your decisions, the level is still linear though).

Definitely interesting and fun.

Having played through it in 2 hours I would not recommend to buy it on the current full price. On steam it’s 9 €. Way to much IMHO.

In the end you’ll have to decide on how much it’s worth to you anyway. Demo available as well.

(No DRM and direct pay to the indies? Or Steam Auto-Update and Achievements? You decide on where you want to buy it!)

After the 2 hours playthrough it provides additional motivation through a time-mode with leaderboards and also has some Steam Achievements, if you’re into that.