About Having And Managing A Clan/Community

I’ve been in the DooC Clan since the beginning of 2003, having become a Clanleader, Serveradmin and Webmaster later in the same year.

So, let’s write some thoughs on having a clan as well as managing a clan.

Having a clan

If you have internet, you don’t have to be (all) alone. There’s so many communities and clans with so many people out there. And with some you can get really close.

I for one always listen to ppl. if they want to talk. Be it something simple/basic, or something more private or serious.

You also don’t have to be bored.

With clans you always have somewhere to go to, to find ppl. to talk to, and if you’re a gamer ppl. to play with.

I especially enjoyed the time of eSport, playing W:ET competitively. Playing in a team and completing objectives with teamplay was really fun.

Managing a clan

Managing is less fun, because of several things. Still, it’s where you can contribute, where you come in, where you have to help to keep things going.

Very few people thank you, or support you, or even spend some time to help you.

Often you’ll find ppl. demanding, receiving and pulling, without giving anything back themselves. Still, you should not give up, as there’s also the others, who are thankful (even if you may not hear that from them often).

If you’re in a clan for such a long time, like me, you’ll see many people come and many people go. Some in good some in bad, and some in worse, acting unsocial and in secret.

Overall a lot of work, but will also give you experience in managing (if you’re doing server administration in that, if you’re doing websites in that, etc).