BFBC2: What’s still missing?

What I still miss / don’t like in BFBC2:

  • Menu Usability and Customizability is non-existant – console port ftw * Can’t open scoreboard when dead * can’t close or hide spawn menu * can’t spectate one and spawn somewhere else when dead * I have to select and confirm a spawn EACH FREAKING TIME I die * When the Map ends and I want to quit, I have to wait for the next map to have loaded until I can quit * No Class loadout presets / scripting * example: I want to play sniper as either a long-range sniper or a close-combat attacker

          whenever I want to switch I have to change, choose, select 4 to 5 selectables, back and forth. The result: I don’t switch …
    * I can press escape on the win/loss UI screen with the result being it just flickering – again I am denied any control
    • Pings are at least displayed in the serverbrowser now, but WTF:

    • I connect to a 30 Ping server and have 140 in-game. Severe gameplay implications.

      Yesterday I knifed an enemy 3 times, each time with less than half a meter away. None hit, while the first was playing the special knife-a-player animation thingy. I had 2 other such occurances on the same server, same map following.

      Killing each other is not uncommon.

Oh, btw: Mouse acceleration (seems to) sucks. Found this interesting guide.

All those issues were not known back in the days where PC games were not console ports but real PC games. W:ET did all of that better in 2003. And earlier games didn’t fail neither.