MumPI 2.2.2 release – Changelog

Mumble 2.2.2 has been released. Downloads here (also as tar.bz2 now). Also on SourceForge.

Since MumPI 2.2.1 there have been some changes in the MumPI Codebase:

  • displaying of SVG-images performance in the viewer has beein improved (by creating and using DOM elements; injection via jQuery)

  • displaying of SVG-images in the viewer have been made optional, disabled by default, can be enabled in the settings-file

  • if registerName has been set for the Murmur virtual server it is used in the viewer for the root channel name

  • the ChannelViewerProtocol provider now returns errors as valid JSON as well

  • the fixed slice file for Mumble 1.2.3 has been updated to work with Mumbles 1.2.3 release candidate (PHP < 5.3, Ice-PHP < 3.4)

  • generated PHP files (from slice file) can be specified in the settings (PHP >= 5.3, Ice-PHP >= 3.4)

    this allows you to generate them yourself and use them – e.g. if you use a newer version than MumPI includes generated PHP files for

Packaging it as a release now.