Super Meat Boy – First Impressions

Just played Super Meat Boy for the first time, and although I did have fun and it looks quite good,

one can still see where it came from – consoles – and I definitely have an issue with that.

Key-mappings are ok to use, but why the heck can I select a menu nav point with enter but then have to confirm it with space?

Why can’t I press w to replay the level while I’m still playing? I have to somehow die or select the same character again to replay the level. Allowing to suicide would be a good option. Or just w for replay, like you can choose after finishing the level.

I didn’t find references about the dark world until I finished the first light world. Did I just miss it?

Pretty obscure – is it not introduced?

Also, I’d like to be able to skip more. Those, what are those, loading screens?, etc. I hate unskippable watch-things.

So much for my first impressions.

IMHO key mappings should be customizable as well.

Btw, after I quit the game the game crashed …

If you can enjoy such jump-games and challenges, you should get it.

It definitely has a unique flair and unique style, hidden levels and challenges, and references (as well as characters) from other games etc putting a smile on your face, if you know them.


The game is not polished or even tested for PC yet at all.

I posted about the issues in more detail in a Steam forums thread which I started (with above impressions).

One that really shows it has not been tested on an acceptable level (with time to fix at least) is that the default, unchangeable key mappings don’t even work correctly at all times. After finishing a level you can save the replay via SHIFT and restart the level via w. Pressing SHIFT to save the replay you can no longer use w to restart the level. It will tell you the replay has already been saved.