BIT.TRIP BEAT – Review / Impressions

As I already wrote a lot as a response in the Steam forums while I already had this blogpost open, let’s just reuse that text, those impressions.

No, not worth it.

Just bought it for 4 € and I don’t think it was worth it.

IMHO it’s way too blocky. I even had problems reading the menu navigations etc, and then it’s definitely too much.

I also did not find it intuitive or user friendly.

I had to finish the first level and kill the boss until I understood how the game worked in terms of scoreboards and levels.

There’s 3 levels. The second level unlocked when I finished the first level, on second try I managed to do it, so content-wise I don’t think it’s that much.

The score will only be submitted when you actually manage to finish the level.

Don’t beat the boss and you failed, with a score nobody else will ever notice. Makes it kinda you-total-failed-and-got-nothing with such a scoreboard-targeted game.

It really is totally highscore targeted.

Only 3 levels which are always the same. Interesting at first and to watch, but well …

The, now I don’t know how I should name it as I already used level for level, but you can also kinda level-up. I often found the level-up/-down flash quite annoying and making me miss a block. This makes leveling up not as good and leveling down even worse. (You lose, game-over, when you level down on level 0).

I really enjoyed Beat Hazard and Chime, also Audio-based Arcade games.

IMHO they’re much better though. And Beat Hazard at that provides endless musical GamePlay with ones own music library.

Also, how slow can you make menu navigation?

OMFG … You click and have to wait for 4 seconds or something until the screen finally blends out to the options.

And I can’t even change resolution. Even if it were still blocks my desktop wouldn’t have to resize and the 3d-background could be improved.

BTW: My score told me I was in normal mode. I have no idea how I would be able to switch and play in easy or hard mode, if there’s something like that. That’s another indicator of the badly designed UI.