Coding in Bubbles

I found something awesome.

Debugging and fixing in your IDE, in different areas / focuses, you probably had your issues already. You just did not know they were issues.

Navigating back and forth, opening and closing file-sets, etc.

What about an entirely different approach?

An IDE that focuses to fix this problem?

An IDE that follows program flow instead of files and file-structure?

Check out Code Bubbles!

It’s a very interesting and very innovative approach, and already looks quite usable.

I wonder though how this helps or does not help in OO, with file- and package-structures. Is it only good for when your project has some data (e.g. bugfixing etc)? Or does it cover this as well?

It’s based on eclipse (with an entirely new interface obviously), so fall-backs for plugins for whatever you want to do is still possible and simple.