Metro 2033 – rather buggy

Metro is rather buggy.

After my first impressions I finally played it again, and spotted 2 more major bugs.

The one I spotted last time (see first impressions linked above): I died once where I could not be seen by enemies, where I was supposed to run away (without weapon at hand) with enemies chasing. I didn’t get the right turn and ended up in a corner surrounded by concrete walls. There I died, probably because I was not advancing / running away fast enough …

Second bug is that I could not kill a mounted solider (in a jeeps MG).

I was in a place (right in front of him) where he could not shoot or kill me, but I could hit him (blood, and I was even able to partly step into the mount-thing kinda). I shot him with a lot, but he would not die.

Another stupid restriction pushing you in the one and only way / direction you are allowed to go.

Really, this doesn’t make a great game. The cut-scenes as well as those inconsistencies break the atmosphere the game is able to set up.

Just now I escaped mutants, and after another control-stealing cut-scene the next level loaded. I spawned in nothing, only seeing the sky (skybox). Loading last savegame doesn’t work, loads the same.

The game has good atmosphere but seems rather buggy and too linear for me.

Oh, and I wasn’t able to load my last save-game (some months back, when I first played it). It always crashed.

I think that’s also why I stopped playing it then for some time …