Shank with DRM

Well, as Shank now has a Demo on Steam, why not do write about it.

On 7th October Shank was announced to be released on Steam.

The comments on it are pretty interesting, I also posted some.

Amongst them is information (also see Steam Store Page), that Shank has solidshield Online Activation DRM even on top of Steam. That means double-DRM for you to enjoy – or not.

Developed as an indie game it seems the developers of shank made a multi-platform release Deal with EA, which then enforced further DRM to be added to the game.

That’s also when they dropped their indie. You are no longer independent if your (big) publisher can enforce what you ship, what software.

In the end, that DRM will not add any value, performance, or barriers for pirating whatsoever; quite the contrary.

It’s just to frustrate and annoy legitimate customers.

So, I voted with my potential buy and told them so. Buying is supporting.

Also see my recent posts in their blog posts comments.

Trailer for FaceBook-Failers only

What I totaly forgot is that they first embedded the trailer so only Facebook users can watch it.

That’s fail again on marketing your product. They changed it now though …

Demo Impressions

I also just now played the demo. My impression is pretty much what trailers and reviews give you.

It’s an action arcade game with a unique and cool art style, but relatively simple gameplay.

Action-combinations and such are pretty cool, but I think it’s a bit to simple for me and / or just my style of game.

Try the demo and see for yourself.