ICQ sucks

After ICQ switched to another Russian spam-owner spam contact-request have been more annoying and more often than ever.

Then, recently, people told me once I was invisible, while I did not set myself invisible or did see it myself, and this week what that was about Jule or sth, because my status said something like “Jule, I love you”. Guess how it went on (yes, other statuses being set). I never changed it or did anything different from before.

May have been the Miranda client. Now Miranda is kinda outdated and ICQ blocks it, resulting in me not being able to log in to ICQ with Miranda. (Message being server refused client.)


ICQ sucks more than ever (and you don’t even need the official ICQ client to experience that!),

and I really have to get that “why use Jabber” post going to annoy ppl. to switch and then drop my ICQ entirely. If I can link them arguments and they still don’t want to switch, well, then fuck off and stay in ICQ without me.

With a list of I have no idea how many (4 times my screen height with Mirandas small list-entries) it’s a bit sad, but not really actually. *cough*