Bloodline Champions – superb game

I love Bloodline Champions. That’s how games are supposed to be. Action, rewarded Teamplay, rewarded Skill. Always fair. No unfair or super complex unlocking or buying system.

It has been some time since I last played a game for hours without ever feeling bored or bad. This was just fund the whole way through.

The first game I joined, we 4 stayed with those 2v2 Teams for hours and had several matches, occasionally switching Characters. And it was so much fun.

Teamplay, positioning and Teamwork matter just as much as your own skill using your character.

Another thing I never saw in a game before is the interface / menu system of the game. You can have windows over one another and you can even forward and back through your opened windows. Awesome.

So what’s it actually about?

It’s a top-down action teamplay game currently in Beta.

You choose a character which has a predefined deck of Skills, 6 + an ultimate skill (which has to be charged). There’s no mana, only recharge time. And it has line of sight.

Check out some Videos!:

I still have (2?) friends keys for the beta. So if you’re interested, preferably playing with me and Mumble for some nice team play :P, msg. me.