MumPI 2.2.0 released – Ice 3.4 compatibility, Channel Viewer Protocol, BanList

MumPI has been released in the new version 2.2.0.

Download it from GitHub or SourceForge.


  • Now Ice 3.4 compatible, at the same time! (Make sure you have the Ice.php etc. libs in your PHP include path. As those are licensed GPL they can not be packaged with MumPI.)
    • Tested with recent Mumble / Murmur 1.2.3 snapshots to ensure it is working and introducing the new config settings.

    • feature: provide channel viewer protocol

      Now you can use any viewer supporting the protocol to with MumPI as a basis and embed it into your website.

      Alternatively use MumPIs viewer. It’s still here of course.

      Also see settings file for configuration.

    • displaying of avatar in user and admin section (although this seems to not display if images are too big … I’ll have to dive in deeper on this; only noticed it just now when trying on production server)

    • admin can now edit users comments

    • admin can view and remove avatars

    • feature: displaying of bans

    • feature: remove bans

    • feature: admin section: server channel-(and user-)tree now is actually useful: Shows channels and users in a tree.

    • feature: admin section: server conf boolean values are now checkboxes

    • Icons (Meta, Channel Tree, Viewer …)

    • SVG Icons in Channel Tree and Viewer (try zooming in! (with an svg-capable browser ofc.))

    • admin section: Login form labels and notices (e.g. on first login, that your account will be automatically created for you)

    • admin can not remove himself (interface account)

    • multiple fixed .ice files in libs folder. also the new 1.2.3 one

    • HTML validation improvements (JS as CDATA elements)

    • some more descriptive text

    • footer is no longer position:fixed

    • fix: Viewer Channel Links (click-to-join); is now a server setting. Check the

    • fix: remove server interface settings on server remove

    • fix: set default channel dialogue for selection

    • fix: comment teaser (expand- / toggle-able)

    • fix: some admin functions with icesecret set did not work

    • fix: client version display

    • … and a lot more

As always, I’d like to receive some feedback.

This was a bigger release, and I probably won’t have too much time for big refactoring or big new features in the coming months,

but I was thinking about dropping the current code-base and starting fresh with only Ice 3.4 compatible code. And then with a proper and used software design as well.

If you have issues, I’d prefer if you use the github issue tracker, but you can still use the sf one (trac) as well.

Also, you can always contact me


IRC: #mumble @freenode


Also, as the news feed please now use this MumPI Categorys one.

You may ask, why did I (partly) change from SourceForge to GitHub?

SF is slow as hell sometimes. But pretty often or always for hosted applications (just check out the Mumble forums).

GitHub also is heavily Git-based, which is a good thing. Especially as anyone can instantly fork the repository, commit their own changes, and the network graph will show a global repositories-graph. One can then request push-/pull-requests, etc.

I’ll also look into hosting a demo, or at least providing some screenshots of MumPI.

Maybe I’ll also do some quick videos / screencasts. But well, time …