Borderlands – Impressions

I got Borderlands from the recent Weekend Deal at Steam, and just played it. Here’s my first impressions:

Another bad console-port.

The controls feel very consolish again, and I didn’t like the options menu at all. The UI in general is pretty bad. Especially fail when you can click OK and cancel, and below that it says “Accept [Enter]” and ”sth [Esc]”.

I find it especially shitty that I have to use ESC and Enter, while using the use-key would be so much easier and quicker.

On first start, the resolution was as low as it can be, probably 640x… or sth. Then the intro logo-videos (I think 8! Eight! OMFG! Unskippable of course…) weren’t displayed, I could only hear the sound.

After about half an hour in-game the game hung up. As it did hung up again on second try, I stopped playing. -.-

The game itself was not appealing to me neither. Playing alone it was way to easy (at least at the beginning). I couldn’t skip the tutorial, or do what it told me later to do before the explanation was done.

You also constantly steal money from ppl., from inside their house, right to their side. They did not object.

Even in coop it was not really fun to me.