The Obama Deception

I recommend watching The Obama Deception, especially if you’re from the USA.

Whether the claims are true or not, you have to decide for yourself.

But maybe it will make you more alert/observant, which could, if it’s true, be utterly important.

The movie claims, documented with facts and clues, that Obama is just a marionett of the big finance bosses.

Some facts it names:

  • The law for closing Guantanamo, signed by Obama, was not presented to the press right away.

    When they finally had the chance to read it, they noticed: It did not say Guantanamo will be closed, it said Obama would think about closing it within a year.

    Even worse: it allows to secretly carry people off.

  • Everyone in the government chosen by Obama is from the finance sector of wall-street and member of the same groups.

  • 98% of US citizens were against the law giving 700 Billion to the banks,

    yet both parties were for it and passed it.

    • Instead of 700 Billion, now 9,7 Trillion US Dollar are missing and nobody can or wants to tell where the money went.
    • Members of parliament were threatened, some were even told law of war would be made active if the law would not pass.
    • The law was kept secret from the members of parliament until right before the voting.
  • An over 1000 pages long law was presented to the members of parliament 1 hour before voting.

    • The reason: It had to pass that quickly to not lose any more money and jobs.
    • After the law passed Obama did go on vacation for 4 days, before he signed it.

There are many more claims and clues/notes.

The movie says those groups of top finance bank managers try to set up a US police state and get the whole world under their control.

Spare those 110 minutes and decide for yourself if those claims are or could be true.

They could be come the best spent minutes of your life.