MumPI updated – user comments and avatars – thoughts about Ice 3.4 compatibility

Yesterday I worked some more on MumPI,

mainly refactoring code,

allowing users to see their avatar,

and allowing admins to change user registrations comments as well as view and remove user registrations avatars.

The ice getTexture method in Mumble 1.2.2 is broken as I was told on IRC; drops the first 4 Bytes or sth.

It works with the current Murmur snapshots (1.2.3) though.

Also, I’m thinking about starting the ice 3.4 compatible version from fresh, with a non half-assed template system, probably smarty 3.

This would make the current 3.3 version obsolete though,

Another problem I see is PHP 5.3 adoption. I would prefer to add Ice compatibility for PHP versions prior to 5.3 as well, but at least the precompiled PHP ICE extensions seem to be 5.3 only. So a switch to Ice 3.4, PHP 5.3 and a fresh MumPI would be quite the step…

Any input on that?