The use of a blog?

So, what’s the use of a blog?

I never really thought of blogging,

but it definitely is a good way to quickly spread word about whatever.

In most cases it is (probably) faster to post a blog post than to create a page.

For my Mumble PHP Interface, I’m thinking…

Is a blog good for hosting information? It will allow me to easily post news about it, but it won’t be as separate this way.

Also, I thought about a quick-/mini-news vs news item, one being more of a reference, a described link with a simple thought or “this is interesting” vs a traditional news item, where you have to write quite something new again.

I’d like to bring both together, preferably in a CMS, which is more powerful most of the time anyway.

In terms of CMS, I’m also thinking, which is the best…

I’d like a wiki-system, in-place page editing.

Many thoughts are still going through my head, for some time now.

I just can’t find the time to make them concrete/implement.