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Firefox Search Bookmarks

In Firefox you can add a search keyword to prepared bookmarks to use tags for searching specific sites.

For example, you can store as a bookmark Wikipedia Search with the keyword w, you can then type into the address bar w Test and it will redirect you to the Wikipedia search page searching for Test.

In the URL, the %s is the search text placeholder. You can use any URL and prepare it as a search bookmark.

Search Links

You can drag and drop these into your bookmarks, or open them and then store them, adding a keyword.

Name URL Suggested Tag Search dict Search alt
IsThereAnyDeal Search deal
Wiktionary Search word
Wiktionary (DE) Search wordde

Developer Resource Search

Name URL Suggested Tag
MDN Search mdn
MDN HTML Search mdnhtml
MDN CSS Search mdncss
MDN JS Search mdnjs
MDN API Search mdnapi

Administration Resource Search

Name URL Suggested Tag
Man Pages search man TL;DR command reference tldr